Lydia Naomi Cube Tee

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Lydia Naomi

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The Cube Tee is a crisp, boxy t-shirt with understated elegance inspired by the classic boxy 90’s tee. Meant to be dressed up or down with a relaxed look either way.

Sizing: UK 4 / US 0 / EU 32 - UK 24 / US 20 / EU 52

Height: this pattern was drafted for a height of 5'4'' or 163 cm, fits a range from 5'3'' to 5'6'' or 160 - 168 cm. Please feel free to contact to get a helping hand from sewing mentors when adjusting the patterns for your height.

Jersey: Use a medium weight cotton jersey with 5% or less elastic content.
Ribbing: Use a 1X1 ribbing with elastic content.

1. US Letter printing file
2. A4 printing file
3. LAYERS file (print in Adobe Acrobat to print only the size layer you want for US letter, A4 or A3)- A0 (841 x 1188 mm) Large format to print in a copy shop
4. READ-FIRST file - Materials, Measurements, Cut Layout, Adjustment Guide
5. Photo Instructions - Written instructions with photos

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