7 Tips&Tricks to speed up your sewing

by Administrator Sewingpartner

Sometimes house chores and work schedule won’t let us dedicate an hour or two to sewing. That’s why sewing neatly AND quickly sounds like a magic skill, no less. And you can acquire it!

Today we’ll share a bunch of simple tricks that will help you accelerate the sewing process and save precious time:

  • Use pattern weights to stop your fabric from slipping away.
  • Use water-soluble thread when basting. The basting stitches will dissolve once you use iron steam or after washing the finished make.
  • Baste on the sewing machine, using a long stitch. And don’t forget to loosen the thread tension a bit!
  • Instead of rushing to your ironing board after every made seam, stitch all the pieces you can and then proceed to press the seams.
  • Use special presser feet that will allow you to speed up the sewing process. For instance, a stitch-in-the-ditch foot, a bias binding foot, or a seam marker foot will make sewing a lot easier.
  • Read through the sewing instructions before you start a project to get acquainted with the techniques and overall process.
  • And last but not least, choose projects that take little time to make. Accessories, for example.

Here are the patterns available on Sewing Partner for the speediest sewing projects:

Juliana Martejevs — Bucket Hat — 2 hours.

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Juliana Martejevs — Yasmine Bag — 3 hours.

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Vikisews — Toshie Slippers — 4 hours.

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Vikisews — Yuki Bag — 6 hours.

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Vikisews — Sora Bag — 8 hours.

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Follow the link to find more accessory patterns.


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