How to start sewing your own clothes: tips for beginners

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1. Choose simple fabrics
If you’re a beginner sewist, choose medium-weight fabrics made of natural fibres. They are not slippery, easy to work with, and your seams will turn out nice and straight. We recommend using cotton, linen, poplin, heavyweight wool, and heavyweight synthetic fabrics.
Avoid lightweight and delicate fabrics, such as silk and chiffon.

How to take your body measurements for a perfect fit

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You probably know that the same size can differ from brand to brand. For instance, you usually buy size M sweaters in one brand, while if you shop in the other one you have to look for size S or size L. So don’t choose the sizes you pick when shopping for ready-made clothes when you’re looking at patterns on Sewing Partner – instead, open up the size chart provided by the pattern brand and compare your measurements to the measurements in the table.

7 Tips&Tricks to speed up your sewing

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Sometimes house chores and work schedule won’t let us dedicate an hour or two to sewing. That’s why sewing neatly AND quickly sounds like a magic skill, no less. And you can acquire it!

​Lydia Naomi sewing patterns: inspiration, vol. 2

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We have thought out some styling options so that you get inspired and don’t waste your time thinking about how to introduce the patterns to your wardrobe. Take a look, go to the website, and shop away!

Juliana Martejevs: inspiration

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Styling the same garment in different ways allows you to change up your style depending on your mood, even if you have a relatively small wardrobe. Choose modern-style and versatile sewing partners that will serve you well for years. Today we’ll take a look at sewing patterns by the newcomer to the marketplace, Juliana Martejevs. Check it out and get inspired!

Explore our inclusive exclusives with Curve / Tall / Petite filters

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We're all different and we're all beautiful. Many of us start sewing because it's not easy to find ready-made clothes that will look good, let alone flattering. Turns out, not all sewing patterns are made equal. If you're well-versed in sewing, making a pattern fit you won't be a problem. But we still wanted to save your precious time and help those of you who are not as experienced in altering and hacking patterns. On the marketplace, you can use a filter to search a variety of patterns that will guaranteed fit you if you're curvy, tall, or petite.

Sewing Patterns by Victory Patterns: inspiration

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Please welcome a new brand on – Victory Patterns!

It’s a Canadian sewing pattern company founded in 2010 and based in Toronto. The pattern company that aims to get you excited about creating clothing you’re eager to wear must be making awesome designs. And it does!

Sewing Patterns by Masin: inspiration

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Trying to style a pattern differently is a great exercise as it allows you to see how versatile it is! Keep reading this letter to find out how to style the by Masin patterns and get inspired. And don’t forget to include them in your to-make list.

​Lydia Naomi sewing patterns: inspiration

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Sewing a trendy wardrobe will be a breeze if you have stylish sewing patterns on hand. The Lydia Naomi brand creates exactly that. All you need to do is pick fabrics and think about styling to successfully introduce your makes into your wardrobe.

We have created some styling combos with the Lydia Naomi patterns for your inspiration. Enjoy!